Harry Guinness

Harry Guinness


Harry Guinness is an Irish freelance writer and photographer. He splits his year between Ireland and the French Alps. Harry’s work has been published in The New York Times, Popular Science, OneZero, Human Parts, Lifehacker, and dozens of other places. He writes about technology, culture, science, productivity, and the ways they collide.


  • Harry is a better writer than most photographers and a better photographer than most writers—naturally, he writes a lot about photography.
  • Harry has written more than 1,000 articles for a wide variety of print and online publications, including The New York Times, The Irish Times, Wired, and Popular Science.
  • Harry’s photographs have also been published in dozens of places online, though mostly without his permission.


Harry has worked as a freelance writer and photographer for almost a decade. In that time he’s traveled the world, filing copy from tropical islands in South East Asia, sailboats in the Mediterranean sea, trans-continental trains in the USA, and mountain tops (when there is cell signal). He is now (mostly) based in Dublin, Ireland, where he lives with his girlfriend, two dogs, and a cat (who he is engaged in a cold war with).

As a writer, Harry specializes in simplifying, explaining, and exploring the somewhat awkward worlds of technology, art, science, and culture—and especially at the places they intersect like photography, online life, and remote work. Harry’s work, both in print and online, has been read by millions of people on every continent (except, perhaps, Antarctica).


Harry Guinness holds a BSc. in Psychology from Dublin City University, and an MSc. in Business and Management from Trinity College, Dublin.

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