Tyler Santora

Tyler Santora


Tyler Santora is a freelance science journalist and contributing editor at Fatherly who covers everything related to science, health, and the environment. They also write about gender and the LGBTQ+ community. Born and raised in the Philadelphia suburbs, Tyler graduated from Oberlin College with a bachelor’s degree in biology and New York University with a master’s in science journalism. Now, they live in Colorado with their girlfriend and black lab mix named Damsel.


  • Science journalist focusing on health and the LGBTQ+ community
  • Contributing Editor at Fatherly, managing the health and science section and the parenting section
  • Bylines in PopSci, Scientific American, Medscape, Undark, Live Science, Elemental, Business Insider, Live Science, Audubon magazine, and more


After graduating from New York University with a master’s in science journalism and internships at Psychology Today, Audubon, and Spectrum under their belt, Tyler started a health and science writing fellowship at Fatherly in 2020. There, they led the team’s COVID coverage, helping the publication win a Webby Award for their Homebodies newsletter, while also freelancing for publications such as PopSci. Tyler has since been promoted to Contributing Editor at Fatherly, launching a newsletter about making parenting decisions during the pandemic and taking over the site’s health and science section.


Tyler graduated from Oberlin University with a bachelor’s in biology, while holding the title of Editor-in-Chief of The Synapse, an intercollegiate science magazine. They graduated from a master’s program in science, health, and environmental reporting at New York University in 2019.

Favorite weird science fact

Manatees only have six cervical vertebrae, whereas most other mammals have seven. Because of this, if they want to look behind them, they have to turn their whole body around.

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