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Halloween is exactly 20 days away. If you’re a procrastinator like me, you most definitely don’t have a costume yet and haven’t thought about treats or tricks. Stock up on decor items and grab a costume for extra cheap thanks to Amazon’s October Prime Day, which ends today.

Note: You’ll have to be an Amazon Prime member to take advantage of most of these deals, so be sure you’re signed up before making a purchase.

Rubie’s Adult Original Inflatable Dinosaur Costume $50 (Was $81.99)



Cause an uproar at the next Halloween party you attend with this T-Rex costume. Sure, we don’t know if dinosaurs actually ruled the Earth, but that doesn’t mean you can’t cause an uproar at the next Halloween party you attend with this T-Rex costume. Simply attach the battery, blow it up, step into it, and bam: You have an interesting, fun costume. Bonus points if you grab someone to dress up as Laura Dern or Jeff Goldblum in the OG Jurassic Park.

REESE’S Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Pumpkins, Halloween Candy Packs, 1.2 oz (36 count) $23 (was $28)



You can be the hit of the block when it comes to trick-or-treat candy or you can eat them by yourself while binge-watching horror movies. Both are good options. Plus, you’re saving money, so it’s totally responsible.

Triumpeek Halloween Inflatable Cooler, 56″ Inflatable Jack-O’-Lantern Cactus Ice Bucket $17 (was $23)



OK, so this is technically a Halloween decoration, but I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want to display this all year round. It’s perfect. I love him.

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